Clinic Tour

Slideshow: Virtual Tour


Curbside View 1

Curbside 2

Front Door

Waiting Room

First Door

Front Hallway

The front hall to the first exam room door. 

Comfort Room

Dr. Jamie's vision has come to life! This is where we like to provide special care for your pets - more options for supportive care to come. 

Exam Table

Waiting Room Seating

Temporary socially distant seating during COVID19

Regular Exam Room Set Up

Here is a pre-COVID photo of how our exam rooms are usually set up to provide space for multiple owners. 

Exit Door

Here is our exit hallway to the door and checkout window. We have a one-way system to our hospital so patients do not come in contact with each other. 

Rear Hallway

Here's a sneak peek into our employee only areas!


Where our hospitalized patients stay, and our infamous clinic cat Dougy!


Surgical Suite

The following slides are some of our favorite equipment to provide the best care and medicine to your fur babies!


We perform brief ultrasonography at our practice as a first line, but we will typically refer for more detailed ultrasound procedures or for further work up. 

Therapy Laser

Promote healing and reduce inflammation with light therapy - a wonderful multi-modal approach!

Digital Radiography

Dental Radiography