Seresto Collar Information

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Hello Friends!

There have been a lot of news going around about the efficacy of Seresto Collars, and we of course want to clear any confusion and ensure your pets are getting the best care!

A trusted source, DVM360 (1), emphasizes the importance of buying your pet products from authorized retailers such as a veterinary practice, as  there are counterfeit products. Unfortunately, when you are buying from a third party retailer (i.e. amazon, ebay, petmeds), there are not regulations on ensuring the efficacy of the product. When you are purchasing through our office or our online store, for example, we are buying directly from the distributor. Therefore, we are able to guarantee this product! 

Last year, the customs border patrol had seized "multiple shipments of counterfeit collars" and warned that these can contain harmful ingredients (2). Spokespeople of Elanco have been working on the defensive to rid of these counterfeits, however, knockoffs can be a challenge to identify (2). The main concern that is surfacing online with Seresto collars are likely due to counterfeit products.

These are the many reasons why we have owners sign a prescription waiver prior to authorizing any online store prescriptions. Again, we are not able to monitor the product, ensure it's efficacy, and ultimately make sure your pet is indeed getting the correct product. 

To reiterate, any Seresto collars bought through us directly or our online store are still considered safe and an effective preventative. 

Feel free to look at the following sources as we cited in this posting. We trust both of these sources from a medical/science standpoint.


As always, thank you for trusting us with the continued care of your loving pets. We understand that reading these topics online can be scary, we want to do everything we can to keep your mind at ease and your fur babies safe!

- The Staff at University Drive Veterinary Hospital