COVID 19 Update - Curbside Care

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**We hope this update finds everyone healthy and safe. Some Coronavirus restrictions are loosening in Centre County but we are keeping our current protocols until further notice. If you have any questions, please call the office, or email at**

Due to PVMA COVID-19 guidelines, we are still asking clients to stay in their vehicle while we examine and treat their pets inside our hospital. 


We greatly appreciate everyone's patience and understanding!

-  When you arrive at our hospital, please call us from your car and let us know what vehicle you're in. (If you do not have a mobile phone, please indicate this when you schedule and let us know which vehicle you’ll be in so we can watch for your arrival).

-  A staff member will come out and bring your pet from your vehicle into our hospital and directly to the doctor for examination. For everyone's safety, all dogs will need to be leashed and cats in a carrier (we will provide one if needed).

-  After your pet's exam, the doctor will call you with exam findings and recommendations and discuss/complete any needed diagnostics and treatments.

-  At the end of the visit, we will take payment over the phone and bring your pet back to your vehicle. (FYI, we prefer card payments during this time. If this is not possible please let us know that you will be using check or cash).

-  There may be exceptions on a case by case basis, including end of life services, where you and your pet may enter our comfort room directly.

-  Medication and prescription food refills will be provided as usual.  Please call from the parking lot and a staff member will bring your medication and/or prescription food to your car.

We feel this “curbside care" approach is the most responsible thing we can do to stay open to help our patients. It will help minimize everyone’s exposure during your pet’s visit to us. We promise to treat your pets with all the love and care they're used to getting when they're here! Remember, you’re family!